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Global Logistics Service

  • Most of countries are free shipping like USA CA GB ,some remote area like South Africa,Argentina ,Chile,Europe are need to pay for extra shipping about $45-$100USD/pcs .
  • United States free tax duty ,i apply a lower customs value $35-$55 to avoid the high tax duty ,seller no obligation to pay for tax duty for buyer
  • We have warehouses in various countries. Delivery time is 3-7 days. Delivery via FEDEX, DHL, USPS.
  • We shipped your parcel out in 48 hours ,If We have Chinese Holiday the shipping has delayed  
Shipping Policy Detail

Our Warranty Policy


  • return and money back for customers within 30 days.
  • ship free parts and free shipping to customers for a fix within 180days.
  • ship free parts and the buyer pay the shipping fees for a fix more than 180days.
  • we will send you new items if the products are totally broken since technical or quality matters within 1 years

Retun and Refund: we provide 30 days no problem item return, we will refund all your money after we get the item, and we both provide 50% of the return shipping fee.

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